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Making It HUGE In Video Games is a career guidebook wrapped around a personal retrospective. It is a professional how-to manual woven into a memoir.

This book recounts the astonishing journey of an unassuming, middle-of-the-Bell Curve musician, rising from mundane beginnings to scale the dizzying heights of artistic distinction and financial success in the worldwide video game industry.  

It is the story of Chance Thomas, who struggled with adversity and evolved through experience, becoming a prominent composer for some of the most well-known entertainment properties in the world. Detailed personal accounts and instructive side bars carry readers across the jagged peaks and valleys of his prodigious career in video games and beyond. World-famous IP’s get personal treatment here: The Lord of the Rings, Marvel, Avatar, Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer, DOTA 2, King Kong, The Settlers, and many more.  

Readers will discover unvarnished true stories about starting out, pitching and pursuing gigs, negotiating contracts, composing and producing scores, multi-national corporations and larger-than-life personalities, funny anecdotes, daunting challenges, glorious successes, and miserable failures. Autobiographical details throughout provide intimate perspective, vibrant color, and inspiration. The book is written in a comfortable, conversational style.  

Arriving Fall 2023 

 A career guidebook wrapped around a personal retrospective. 

A professional how-to manual woven into a memoir.