Enjoy this digital supplement to the 2023 book, Making It HUGE In Video Games. Download purchase includes both eBook and PDF formats.

Discover formative influences that unleashed decades of music-making. Meet cherished family members, quirky friends, wise mentors, and a dazzling cast of colorful characters that are sure to entertain. Witness a developing faith that served as a guide through life's trials and triumphs. 

THE APPENDICES: PRIVATE JOURNAL CHAPTERS will inspire you, amuse you, and ignite renewed motivation for your own life's journey!

Read Excerpts From Any Chapter:

(1)  Genesis

(2)  Formative Years

(3)  Rock Band

(4)  Elder Thomas

(5)  Dream Girl

(6)  Only A Miracle

(7)  Bishop Thomas

(8)  Homeless Encounters

(9)  The Road Goes Ever On

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Making It HUGE In Video Games is a career guidebook wrapped around a personal retrospective. It is a professional how-to manual woven into a memoir.

Detailed personal accounts and instructive side bars carry readers across the jagged peaks and valleys of an absolutely achievable career in video games – building a network, finding gigs, negotiating contracts, managing budgets, producing award-winning music, and giving back. The book is written in a comfortable, conversational style.