G.A.N.G., GDC, and GSC


There I sat, riffing on the piano, singing my heart out in Tommy Tallarico’s living room. It was an impromptu performance of Point of Know Return by Kansas, given to a room filled with composers and sound designers. Everyone was taking their turn on the ivories, and there was so much talent. This was my posse.  

I was attending my second Game Developers Conference (GDC), meeting scores of interesting, intelligent, and creative people. I met them in workshops and at restaurants. I met them inside the conference center, lingering in the hallways or sitting outside on the steps. I met them at Tommy’s house and at the airport. We talked of our individual past and collective future. We traded war stories and ambitions. These were my professional peers, my music tribe. I finally felt as if I was settling into the right corner of the entertainment world. 

GDC became an annual touchstone...

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The author speaks at GDC / G.A.N.G. logo / With G.A.N.G. founder Tommy Tallarico in 2015 and 1998 / G.A.N.G. Board of Directors / Author receives G.A.N.G. Recognition Award (2012) / Author receives Distinguished Service Awards (2007 and 2015) / Interviewing Nobuo Uematsu at GDC  / Launching the author's first book at GDC / Socrates and student dramatization with Andy Forsberg at GSC / Standing ovation for the author's GSC keynote address


"An empowering career guidebook wrapped around a personal retrospective. A professional how-to manual woven into a memoir."