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THE SETTLERS: NEW ALLIES Original Game Soundtrack

Composer Chance Thomas and fingerstyle guitarist Antoine Dufour lead an army of musicians in a rousing reimagining of THE SETTLERS franchise. Fiery acoustic guitars create a distinctive signature for this soundtrack, supported by folk musicians and full orchestra.  

Revolutionary music design creates another signature, as the game score is built from 16,327 Lego-like musical building blocks. These include melodic gestures, harmonic fragments, arrangement layers, color variations, and short rhythmic patterns. Only the Main Theme and cinematic cut scenes are through-composed. Everything else is assembled in real-time from interconnectible musical fragments, to create a one-of-a-kind listener experience. 

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THE SETTLERS: NEW ALLIES Original Game Soundtrack

Music by Chance Thomas, Featuring Antoine Dufour

Listen to short excerpts from the entire soundtrack here. Then scroll down to learn more about the revolutionary design and production of this radically innovative score.

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THE SETTLERS: NEW ALLIES presents an extraordinary technical and artistic achievement    

The bulk of this original score is assembled from 16,327 Lego-like musical building blocks – interconnectible melodic gestures, harmonic fragments, arrangement layers, color variations, and short rhythmic patterns.

Each was individually composed and meticulously recorded to playback seamlessly within a massive procedural music system. The score is generated in real-time, flowing from composer-designed harmonic probability tables, switching to event-driven tracks to match changing game states. The main theme and cinematic cutscenes are the only parts of the score that are through-composed.

Exploratory music flows seamlessly through points of player discovery and unlocked achievement, each interactively highlighted by the assembled musical fragments. Battle scenes ebb and flow with evolving music phrases, orchestration layers, and dynamic pathing. There are variations for every circumstance. 

We offer this soundtrack as a snapshot of concurrences, dynamic threads of music woven together spontaneously, seized in fleeting moments, never to be recreated in exactly this way ever again. A lasting imprint from endless possibilities!


Featured musicians (L-R, Top-Bottom) Jeannine Goeckeritz, Nicole Pinnell, Antoine Dufour, Chance Thomas, Emily Barrett Brown, Daron Bradford, Brady Bills, Leslie Richards, Aaron Ashton, Catherine Umstead, Becca Moench, Craig Nelson.

Technical wizards (L-R, Tom-Bottom) J Scott Rakozy, Chance Thomas, Bobby James, Russell Scarborough, Mike Roskelley, Luis Morales.

Chance Thomas conducts the Nashville Scoring Orchestra for THE SETTLERS: NEW ALLIES


Music Composed, Orchestrated, and Produced by Chance Thomas 

Procedural Music Design by Stefan Randelshofer, Chance Thomas 

Featured Fingerstyle Guitar – Antoine Dufour 

Additional Guitars – Brady Bills, Chance Thomas 

Solo Piccolo, Flute, Alto Flute, Bass Flute – Jeannine Goeckeritz 

Additional Solo Flute and Bass Flute – Daron Bradford 

Solo Cello – Nicole Pinnell 

Solo Violin – Becca Moench, Aaron Ashton, Catherine Umstead 

Solo Viola – Leslie Richards, Emily Barrett Brown 

Soloists Recording Studios – Studio AD, HUGEsound Records Studio

Editors – Chance Thomas, Bobby James, Luis Morales

Orchestral Strings and Brass Sections – Nashville Music Scoring 

Orchestral Conductors – David Shipps, Chance Thomas 

Orchestral Concert Master and Contractor – Alan Umstead 

Orchestral Recording Studio – Sound Kitchen 

Orchestral Engineering Team – Nick Spezia, Russell Scarborough, Sammy Sanfilippo

Additional Orchestration – Sam Cardon

Additional Music – J Scott Rakozy 

Sheet Music Preparation – DB Long 

Music Mixed by Mike Roskelley at The Pod 

OST Mastered by James Anderson at The BitFarm 

Ubisoft Audio Designers – Léa Bareil, Veronika Davies, Chiara Haurand-Schlagkamp 

Ubisoft Audio Programmer – Arne Hertel 

Ubisoft Audio Project Manager – Tim Deichsel, Eva Mattausch, Stefan Magasitz, Désirée Richter 

Ubisoft Audio Director – Florian Füsslin 

Ubisoft Audio Director, Director of Audio Services – Stefan Randelshofer 

Ubisoft Music Supervisor – Benedicte Ouimet 

All Music Copyright 2022, Ubisoft Music Publishing, All Worldwide Rights Reserved

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