Securing the Future


Beginning 25 years ago, I began investing a portion of my music earnings in real estate and stocks. Whenever possible, I negotiated for copyright ownership in my music scoring projects. I slowly built up a library of music assets which I owned. Years later, I sold the business, including the name, equipment, and music library for a substantial sum. Most of the cash proceeds were invested in real estate.  

Those investments have grown to a point where I am comfortably retired today. That is not because I am a unicorn or extraordinary outlier. The strategy can work for anyone…

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Be thrifty, but not miserly. Everyone needs to have some fun and enjoy the journey. Our family loves to travel. We love roller coaster parks, tropical beaches, old European cities, national parks, NBA games, and great restaurants, usually with a coupon. You can build great memories without necessarily spending a ton of cash. That leaves you extra dollars for investing in the future without loathing life in the present…

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Photos I've taken during some of our travels across the planet. Of course, I had to start with Hobbiton first…