Dream Girl


We had only spoken for a moment, but I kept thinking about Pamela. She had flashed a perfect smile at me, brilliant white, framed inside beautifully curved lips, radiant pink and just full enough. Silky blonde tresses curled up at her shoulders, framing high cheeks and bottomless blue eyes, the kind that could sink a thousand ships filled with lesser men. 

There was something else too, something about her presence, a sparkle, a radiance, a genuine goodness that worked on my mind...  

- - - - -

For nearly four decades, Pamela has stood beside me through all the ups and downs of an unpredictable music career, carried a heavy load on the home front, cheered me on, and called me out when needed. Having such a stable and reliable life partner made many things in my career possible that I could never have pursued otherwise. 

Freelance composing can be a grueling, demanding profession, exacting a very high physical and emotional price. Knowing that Pamela had my back, and our children’s backs all those years, was an incredibly empowering and utterly irreplaceable gift…

- - - - -


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"An empowering career guidebook wrapped around a personal retrospective. A professional how-to manual woven into a memoir."