Elder Thomas


We spent two days together in Milano preparing for our new assignment, then took a train to the Ligurian coast for our pending adventures in La Spezia.

La Spezia is a beautiful city built on the western shores of northern Italy, just south of the Cinque Terre. It is a seaside port featuring a bustling shipping business, a healthy fishing industry, and plenty of tourists. The palm tree-speckled waterfront is especially scenic, and the imposing castle of San Giorgio stands like a Medieval monolith towering over the bay.

We took to this city like men possessed, continually searching for new people to teach, visiting with busy shoppers in the markets, or crinkle-eyed fishermen mending their nets on the wharf. Many people enjoyed chatting with us casually, but very few wanted to explore our faith in any depth. 

Little did we know that our best prospect was hiding in plain sight…

- - - - -

The best missionaries tend to be genuinely enthusiastic, inspired by some riveting truth they have recognized, some healthy pattern of living they have discovered, or some general aspect of faith which offers substantial benefits. These missionaries are characterized by their zeal for sharing with others the good they have embraced, especially with people they care about. They develop a passion for helping others in any way possible, giving countless hours of service, and striving to live moral and meaningful lives.

That was the kind of missionary I wanted to be…

- - - - -


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