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Memoirs of Composer Chance Thomas

Chapter 00 - Sneak Peek Excerpt


Imagine we're sitting down together for lunch or cold drinks. Relaxed and comfortable, let’s take a few minutes and get acquainted.  

My name is Chance Thomas. I‘ve been composing music for video games, film, and television since 1996.  

I’ve had my share of failures, but I’ve also been part of some thrilling victories, including an Oscar win, an Emmy win, and billions of dollars in video game and film sales worldwide.  

Though I was never blessed with generation-defining talent, I was given just enough talent coupled with an outrageous work ethic.   

In terms of financial success, I’m certainly no billionaire. But I eventually became a millionaire. A multi-millionaire, to be totally transparent. 

You may be similar to me – good mind, decent health, raw talent, lofty ambitions, ready to work hard, willing to study and learn. Not necessarily an outlier of nature, you may find yourself somewhere in the wide central span of the Bell Curve.  

That’s okay. I’m right there with you. 

- - - - -

Think of this as a career guidebook wrapped around a personal retrospective; a professional how-to manual woven into a memoir. 

Chapters are categorized for easy browsing. Essential career chapters are labeled with a burgundy tab: Career Path. Personal history chapters are labeled with a blue tab: Private Journal. Thus, readers can quickly find and focus on whichever areas are of most interest. 

It’s my core belief that human beings can achieve some, most, or even all that they dream. You may even surpass your dreams. The world has space for a vast multitude of creative voices in the tapestry of modern culture. That means there’s room enough for all of us.

Let’s get to it.