Avatar 2


James Horner once sheepishly told me that he was the last of the old school film composers. In a day when most of his contemporaries were handing off large chunks of music to be written by their apprentices, Horner felt an obligation, even a passion, to compose every note himself. He was an artist and a gentleman. The world became poorer the day he went home to heaven.  

Months went by. Sadness subsided into numbness. Numbness gave way to fond nostalgia. Life went spinning frantically on its way.  

One day, an uncomfortable thought arose in my mind, “I wonder who is going to score Avatar 2...”

- - - - -



To those who dream big, to those who aim high. It can be daunting to pursue a lofty goal. Other people’s cynical remarks can be crippling, deterring your pursuit of greatness. Do not absorb their barbs. Do not immobilize yourself by giving oxygen to such damning thoughts. 

Doing nothing is the only guarantee that nothing will happen. Taking action kicks the door wide open to possibility. As Jake Sully famously said, “Sometimes your whole life boils down to one insane move.” 

I am taking the leap...

- - - - -

Listen to the full Avatar 2 pitch package HERE.

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