About HUGEsound Records

It all started at Yosemite National Park, in northern California.

There was a dream. A dream of music inspired by nature’s wonders that would resonate with audiences around the globe. Amidst natural temples – Half Dome, Sentinel Dome (pictured), El Capitan, the Sierra National Forest – creative imagination would sparkle and flow. 

The idea was oversized and ambitious, like nature itself, resonant, encompassing, enormous…… HUGE! 


Music of sophistication, exceptional quality, and creativity would rise from this place to reach millions across the Earth.

Bold. Powerful. Outrageous. Such was the vision.

HUGEsound was formally launched in 1998 by Chance Thomas, composer and dreamer-in-chief. The plan was to start small but reach skyward. First came an Emmy-winning public service announcement, Rise Above the Blues. Next was an Oscar-winning animated short film, The ChubbChubbs!  Next came Peter Jackson’s King Kong and The Lord of the Rings Online. Then James Cameron’s Avatar, the world’s first stereoscopic 3D video game. Business was soaring. A dream was in motion.

HUGEsound Post Production

The company continued to grow. In September 2016, Chance sold HUGEsound to a large entertainment conglomerate, which rolled the company into a state-of-the-art media venture christened HUGEsound Post Production (pictured). The new company blossomed, offering film editing, sound design, Foley, dialog recording, and of course, plenty of music services. HUGEsound Records was born as part of that expanded vision.

To the shock and dismay of all involved, police officers and attorneys descended on HUGEsound in November 2018 with orders to take control of the studio and its subsidiary companies, including HUGEsound Records. Allegations of massive fraud were leveled against the investment group over the parent conglomerate. All businesses were shut down and the courts seized all assets. That included rights to many of Chance Thomas’ soundtrack albums, film score music, and other IP.

It was a crushing blow. But it wasn't the end of our story. It would take two long years of effort, but by November 2020, Chance was finally able to extricate HUGEsound Records and its music from the court-ordered receivership.

HUGEsound Records Today

Today HUGEsound Records is unfettered and clear, an independent business. 

We have a beautiful online gallery for music soundtracks. We offer a curated collection of rare indie film scores and blockbuster video game soundtracks. The gallery is filled with photos, interviews, BTS videos, and inspiring quotes about the positive impact and power of music. Listen, watch, stream, browse, share, download, purchase, and dream!

We know you love music. We understand. Music carries us away to fantastical realms of astonishment and wonder. By exploring the songs and albums featured throughout the site, we hope you will discover your next adventure!


A reminder that HUGEsound has always supported musicians, singers, audio engineers, editors, mixing artists, and other music professionals by recording live scores as much as possible.  Your purchase here supports our long history of funding talent at the local level to produce thrilling soundtracks for the whole world to enjoy. 

Music makes everything better.  Let's keep it rolling!